The Lunenburg Academy of Musical Performance


The Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance (LAMP) is an international center for advanced studies in performance and interpretation, providing extraordinary emerging performers with career-changing opportunities to work with many of the world’s most versatile and accomplished artists.

Housed in the historic Lunenburg Academy that sits majestically above the Town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, LAMP offers intense one-and-two-week academies and multi-week self-determined residencies. Class sizes are very restricted and students receive an extraordinary amount of personal attention.

For the last two years, I have been tasked with creating a series of LAMP Renaissnce Academies, focussing on music of the 16th and 17th centuries. We began in 2016 with a course on Italian music around 1600, for which I was joined by Suzie LeBlanc, voice, Elinor Frey, Baroque cello, and Mark Edwards, organ and harpsichord. In 2017 the course was entitled “Sprezzatura: How to be a Professional Musician in the 1590s”. I was joined by Catherine Motuz, trombone and polyphonic improvisation, Joëlle Morton, viola da gamba, and Catalina Vicens, Keyboards.

In 2019 we are offering two Academies. Click on the titles for further information.

April 8 - 14

The Mystery of Carlo G:
Ornamented Monodic Songs, Duets and Trios for Voices and Instruments.

November 20 - 30

Italian Courtly Entertainments in the 16th Century